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City of Merritt approving variance for Charters St. home.
Mayor and Council approving the request from the residents of 2202 Charters St, for a development permit that enables a replacement garage to extend two-metres into the front yard setback.
Councillor Dave Baker says the move makes too much sense to block.
"About a year-and-a-half ago we were asked to do something similar for a home on Ponderosa, up on the Bench. We had concerns about sightlines, and everything else. However, they did such a great job. And, when I look at this variance, and what the gentleman is proposing, it just makes sense."
The required front yard setback for homes within the City of Merritt is generally six-metres.
Should no complaints arise from neighbouring residents, the variance permit for 2202 Charters St will be officially approved at the next regular meeting of council.
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