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BC has elected a minority government for the first time in 65 years.

Christy Clark's Liberal party won 43 of 87 seats, one shy of a majority.

The NDP managed to secure 41 seats, and Green Party 3.

Clark says the Liberals have been given an opportunity by B-C voters to do things differently in the legislature.

"It's something that could be really exciting for the future of our province, for our kids."

Absentee ballots still need to be counted, and there will be recounts in several ridings.

The Green party and Leader Andrew Weaver would hold the balance of power if the current vote tallies stand.


Incumbent Jackie Tegart taking Fraser-Nicola again for the BC Liberals.

"You can never take anything for granted, so every vote counted. We worked hard for every vote we got. And, I'd like to thank the other candidates for putting their name forward."

Unofficially, Tegart received 42.44% of the vote, ahead of the NDP's Harry Lali who garnered 37.59%, the Green Party's Arthur Green who received 16.04%, and the Social Credit Party's Michael Henshall who finished with 3.93%.

Improving healthcare is among the priorities for Tegart the next four-years.

"I'm looking forward to the completion of the ER in the Merritt hospital, the road construction in Lillooet, and a number of other projects. So, it's going to be an exciting four-years, and I'm ready to go."

14,565 votes were counted last night in Fraser-Nicola, which was just under one-thousand votes more than in 2013.

But still just under 38% of those eligible cast a ballot yesterday in the riding.


Steady flow of people voting today in Fraser-Nicola.

"All the polling stations I've talked to say it has been steady."

District electoral officer Paul Montgomery also pleased to announce that after a couple tense days, everyone can access a polling station.

"As of two days ago we were pretty concerned. But luckily everything is accessible, at least for today."

Over 5,100 advanced ballots were cast in Fraser-Nicola, and Montgomery says everybody in line by 8pm tonight will be allowed to vote.

He expects it will be at least 9pm before the results are known.

More flooding expected this week along Nicola Lake and river.

"It's going to be a few more days yet. Hopefully a minimum of four, but we continue to re-calculate as additional information comes in."

Flood Safety engineer with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Jeptha Ball says Nicola Lake is currently filling at a rate in excess of 100 cubic metres per second, which is 40% more than the previous historical maximum, and the lake is rising 24cm per day.

"Outflow from the dam is now at 31 cubic metres per second. And, we're still going to be pushing up the outflows, day by day. We have crews doing checks on the levels twice a day."

With thunderstorms, and isolated heavy rainfall forecasted for the region later this week, lake levels are predicted to rise approximately 1.3m above the current elevation.

Should that happen, Ball says overbank flooding in Merritt and areas downstream along the Nicola River will occur.


The President of the B.C. Teachers Federation is waiting to address issues in hiring thousands of new teachers with whomever wins today's provincial election.

Glen Hansman says the starting salaries of BC teachers are the lowest in Canada.

He says, combined with affordability issues and in some areas of the province the sky-high cost of living, there are challenges in attracting new teachers.

As for how hiring is going, Hansman says it hasn't been too bad in some school districts.

"I already have my letter written. The moment that the provincial election is over I want to meet with whomever becomes the new minister of education and who ever is the new deputy minister to start concretely working on a multi-year plan to address these things."

Hansman lists covering teachers moving expenses, or forgiving student loans as potential options.

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