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New services and tax credits announced by the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Some of the new credits available include the Canada Child Benefit, which is a tax-free monthly payment made to eligible families that replaces the Canada Child Tax Benefit, and the eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit, which allows eligible educators to possibly claim a 15% refundable tax credit for teaching supplies that are bought throughout the year.

CRA Resource Officer Rick Gill has details on some new services that Canadians can take advantage of, including the MyBenefits CRA mobile app.

"You can use this new web-based mobile app to securely view your next benefit payment dates and the amounts, the status of your child-tax benefit application, as well as update your marital status and change information about children in your care."

More information on the updated credits and services can be found online at cra.gc.ca.

Now that we've officially sprung ahead, BC's Transportation Minister is asking drivers to be extra careful on the roads this morning.

BC's Transportation minister Todd Stone warns that losing a hour of sleep may impact alertness and reaction time when driving.

"It's very, very important for drivers to be aware of the changes in visibility, and variable weather conditions, as winter technically turns to spring with this time change."

Stone says drivers should be prepared for darker commutes. and should be aware of more pedestrians and cyclists on the road.

BC's teachers overwhelmingly voting in favour of the agreement between the provincial government and the BC Teachers Federation regarding class size and composition.

Over 21,000 votes were cast this week, and 98.4% voted in favour of ratifying the deal to implement the restored collective agreements stripped from BC teachers 15 years ago.

BCTF President Glen Hansman calls the vote a bittersweet victory.

"The legislation that came down in 2002 never should have happened in the first place. So, we've had a whole generation of kids that have gone through the K to 12 experience without the front-line services that would have been there before. Our members and our CUPE colleges have been working in some really challenging situations. So, it's the end of a chapter, and we are looking forward to September 2017."

Hansman says school boards across the province will now complete organizing for classes and posting listings for new job openings ahead of the start of the next school year this September.

Elections BC is referring it's investigation into indirect political contributions to the Mounties.

Andrew Watson, an Elections BC spokesperson says, the investigation has been referred to the RCMP to ensure that it will not impede Elections BC's administration of the provincial election in May.

"This referral will also ensure there is no perception that Elections BC's ability to administer the general election in a fair or impartial manner is at all compromised. The potential scope and timing on the matter make the RCMP the most appropriate organization to continue the demonstration."

The investigation was launched following reports this week that revealed lobbyists routinely purchased tickets to BC Liberal Party fundraisers on behalf of clients and companies, and then were reimbursed the cost of the tickets.

Kindergarten enrollment up in Merritt.

School District 58 Superintendent Stephen McNiven says early registration is now over, and the numbers are slightly above average, except in Princeton where there was a decline.

"Otherwise our initial numbers are very strong. They sit at 85, and last year we were at 80."

Despite a few complaints from parents about having to enroll their child in-person, McNiven says the district is not considering instituting an online registration system.

"I think that human contact is important. Having them in the building helps strengthen relationships with parents right off the bat. So, at this point it's not something we're considering."

School District 58 is projecting to have 151 students enrolled in kindergarten by September, up one from this past fall.

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