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No increase for Fortis BC customers.

Company spokesperson Diana Sorace says Fortis has gone to the BC Utilities Commission and received approval to keep its rates right where they are.

"There's several factors that go into how we set our rates. Fortis BC reviews the cost of natural gas every three months with the BCUC. Market conditions have allowed us to maintain our current natural gas commodity rate. There's a number of factors affecting the market price, which includes weather, supply and demand, as well as economic conditions."

Sorace says Fortis will go back to the drawing board to review its Natural Gas rates again in July.

She says rates cover the cost of the market price for Natural Gas Fortis purchases.

Premier Christy Clark pledging to table a bill to tackle the political donations controversy.

Clark says a non-partisan panel should look at every idea on the table to reform campaign financing rules.

"The two things that I think this process will allow us to avoid are politicians making the decisions. Because politicians are going to necessarily express views that are good for their own political party. And the second is a piece meal approach, where it is kind of one by one by one."

The move comes three days after Elections BC referred its investigation into potentially illegal campaign donations to the RCMP.

BCNDP leader John Horgan says the BC Liberals have been revelling in cash for access fundraisers for years, and it is only an issue now because they got caught.

The BC Nurses Union raising the alarm about the dangerous side of nursing through a province-wide campaign.

President Gayle Duteil says the campaign comes on the heels of a lock-down last week at the Royal Inland Hospital because of a distraught patient.

"The fact of the matter is that the RCMP, and Interior Health released a statement that there was no harm to patients or staff. They're not the ones that were in lockdown for four hours. I can tell you that those nurses were harmed, and I have heard from many over the weekend. They're frightened, and it's becoming an all to common occurrence in this province."

Duteil adds what's most concerning is that somehow violence has been engrained as "part of the job" for nurses.

The campaign kicks off today, and will include awareness ads.

Environment Canada forecasting a warmer week in the Nicola Valley.

After a week that saw more snow, and temperatures well into the negatives both during the day and overnight, forecaster Matt McDonald says it will be a different story this week in the Merritt-area.

"Huge change from that stubborn northwest flow, to nice mild pacific air from the southwest. We're forecasting highs of plus 11 and 12 this week, with overnight lows above freezing."

MacDonald says tomorrow night will be the warmest with a low of just 7 degrees expected.

However, he advises not to put your parka's in storage just yet, stating that the temperature is expected to drop again by the beginning of next week.

Local teachers looking forward to the future following agreement between the provincial government and the BC Teachers Federation regarding class size and composition.

"It looks really good for students. Especially those students with special needs and those classes where the numbers are a bit higher than they should be."

Nicola Valley Teachers Union President Peter Vogt says some of the concerns of members locally have already been addressed through interim funding that led to 10 new hires since in recent weeks.

"Some of the local concerns were around shop classes, science labs, bigger classes at the high schools and around support for learning assistance at the elementary level. So, those are the types of things that will continue to be a focus for us."

98.4% of teachers voted in favour of ratifying the deal to implement the restored collective agreements illegally stripped from BC teachers back in 1992.

Vogt says how many more teachers will be hired and where they will be prioritized, will be discussed with the district in the coming months.

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