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Selected representatives gathering to determine the best way to address healthcare issues in Merritt.

City of Merritt Councillor Kurt Christopherson is hopeful tonight's community consultation will provide necessary insight.

"It will be a survey of a cross section of the community to find out number one what the concerns are, and number two is it worthwhile to establish a healthcare committee to advocate on our behalf."

Representatives from the Nicola Valley Health Care Auxiliary, Interior Health, the BC Ambulance Service, the BC Lung Association, the Hospital Employees Union, the City of Merritt and School District 58 will all be a part of tonight's community consultation.

Christopherson is expecting a report on the findings within a month, and from there if a committee is needed, members will be chosen.

Cost of battling flood waters within the City of Merritt is adding up.

CAO Shawn Boven confirms the city spent $56,410.51 since the Nicola River began to flood in May, with 75% of the money spent on rip rap.

"It was used for flood protection measures, like the lock blocks you see along Voght St and the end of Burgess Ave. It was also used for a lot of overtime to check flows at the wastewater treatment plant."

Tax payers need not worry though, Boven is expecting the City of Merritt will recoup 100% of the costs through Emergency Management BC.

Two more wind energy projects being proposed near Merritt.

Manager of wind development for Seabreeze Power Corp James Griffiths says the company is looking at constructing two 15MW wind energy projects near the Elkhart turnoff along HWY 97C.

"We're hopeful to have the projects up and running sometime in 2020. By the time we get through our permitting and into the program it's possible it could be a bit longer. They certainly won't be built by next year, but our goal is 2020."

Griffiths says the projects would most likely each contain five, three megawatt turbines, like the wind energy project recently constructed at the Pennask Summit.

An open house to discuss the projects is scheduled for tonight at the Civic Centre starting at 6:30pm.

City of Merritt forming a committee to look at ways to mitigate future flooding within city limits.

The notice of motion made by Councillor Kurt Christopherson last month, was unanimously approved at Tuesday's regular meeting.

"It's no longer a 20-year event. The first one I remember was 1948, then 1972. 24-years later 1996 was a big flood year, then a smaller time period for the next one in 2012. And, then five-years later we are dealing with flood waters once again."

The committee, which would be made up of representatives from different government agencies and other experts in the field, will come up with flood management mitigation procedures including preventative diking, catch basins, notification procedures and potential site restrictions on new development.

Driver fined for leaving the scene, after hitting a cyclist in Merritt.

Merritt RCMP Sgt Norm Fleming confirms a woman was hit while riding her bike across Voght St in the crosswalk at Merritt Ave just after 6am.

He did get out of his truck and helped the her up, but then left thinking she was unharmed.

"He thought once she got up, and got on her bike she was just going to take off, so he did too. That was not the case. She had suffered an injury to her leg. So, we tracked him own, he told his story, and was charged with failing to provide driving particulars."

Fleming says its important to at least provide your information before leaving the scene of an accident.

The fine for failing to do so is $368.

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