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Wildsafe BC naming Community Coordinator for the TNRD.

While the seasonal job has primarily been about reducing bear conflicts, Rhiannon Guerra says the focus has expanded to include other animals.

"Wildsafe BC started through the Bear Aware program, which focused on Bleack Bears. But there are a lot of other species that people have conflict with, including deer, coyotes, cougars and even wolves. So we've expanded our programs to include these and other animals that humans are coming in contact with in our communities."

Information on reducing conflicts between humans and animals can be found at www.wildsafebc.com.

Guerra says you can also access W.A.R.P, the wildlife reporting program that lists encounters in real time.

Merritt Fire Rescue Department looking for recruits.

Chief David Tomkinson says applications for the fall recruitment of paid-on-call firefighters has begun.

"This spring we didn’t need any extra firefighters so we didn't do any recruiting. Since then, a couple people have moved on. So, we have begun our fall recruitment a little early. The application process closes Aug 25th."

Tomkinson says no experience is necessary, and the are hoping to add as many as 5 members.

Applications can be downloaded at the Merritt Fire Rescue Department website, or picked up at the fire hall.


Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club and Douglas Lake Cattle Company heading back to court.

During a teleconference this morning, the judge in the contentious civil trail over access to area lakes called for both sides to return to court, after new evidence was presented by fish and game club members, which in director Rick McGown's mind shows without a doubt that natural water courses flow into Stoney Lake.

"Douglas Lake (Ranch) was trying to portray there was no natural water sources going into the lake. We went and took pictures after the viewing in May. They prove the lake had two, or three natural water courses going into the lake, that were in fact actually flowing. Douglas Lake imposed diversions to dry and dry them all out. They didn’t want the judge to see that the water had not dried out and was still flowing."

A date for the trial to resume has yet to be set.

The Douglas Lake Cattle Company is suing the Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club, and through a counter-claim, the club is seeking an order which would declare access roads leading to Minnie and Stoney lakes as public roads, and the fish and fishery public as well.

The Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society looking for $100,000 from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District.

While he didn't get the commitment he wanted yesterday from the board of governors, director Rich Hodgson is hopeful the regional district will see the value of the propose theatre complex in downtown Merritt.

"This is a community-based not for profit society that wants to build a four-bay movie theatre/preforming arts theatre in Merritt. We've been working really hard at it for four or five years now."

At a total cost of $5.3-million, the Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society is still banking on receiving most of the necessary funds from the Rural Dividend Fund, after applying for $3.7-million through the City of Merritt back in December.

Exact total of Classroom Enhancement Fund still not known by School District 58.

Word was expected by June 2nd, and Superintendent Stephen McNiven says they can't pass their 2017/18 budget until they get confirmation.

Despite the delay, he remains hopeful the budget can still be passed this month.

"My understanding is it's just delayed a bit. We are hopeful we will get it soon."

McNiven says the current uncertainty in Victoria is believed to be causing the delay with the C.E.F, which was created in the agreement which ended a 15-year battle between the province and teachers over class size and composition.

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