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Infant unable to be saved after going into cardiac arrest yesterday on the Coquihalla.

Details are still limited, but Merritt RCMP Sgt Norm Fleming can confirm an infant travelling with his family to BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver for tests, suffered a medical emergency near Exit 256 yesterday afternoon.

"About 35km south of Merritt the family had noticed that their infant son was not breathing, and ultimately suffering from cardiac arrest."

An air ambulance was eventually called, but the infant passed away en route to the hospital.

"The air ambulance was headed to Kamloops, when it was announced that the little guy did not make it."

Fleming is unable to comment any further as to the complications that lead to the baby's death.

The family is believed to be from the Vernon area.

Merritt RCMP reporting several mail box break-ins' over the weekend.

"Mailboxes on Houston St near Riverside Trailer Park. The mailboxes near the Eldorado mobile home park on Nicola. Just down the street from the detachment on Maxwell Ave. And, the mailboxes located at Monck Park. Although I know at Monck Park there was no accessed gained."

Sgt Norm Fleming says all four break-ins occurred between Friday night and Monday morning, and at this point officers are working on a couple different leads.

"One of them, which is the most prominent one, does involve somebody from out of town."

Fleming says all those who had their mail box broken into have been notified, but at this time it's not known how much, or if any sensitive information was stolen.

Displaced Kengard Manor residents facing issues when it comes to finding new homes.

The 57 residents of the Merritt Ave apartment complex that was destroyed by fire last week have been granted emergency funding to cover two additional weeks of food and lodging.

Between now and then they have been told by the City of Merritt to find new accommodations, which Claudette Edenoste from Royal Lepage Merritt Real Estate Services says just aren't available.

"We've heard from probably 50 plus people looking for accommodations in the last couple days. So, we're extremely busy. At the moment, we have just two units available, and at least five showings today. Once they are rented we'll have nothing, nothing at all."

Edenoste says the remaining rentals are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

She is suggesting would-be renters consider commuting from Logan Lake, where units are currently available.


Merritt Councillor looking for clarification of how many, and which Merritt buildings could potentially be or are already designated heritage sites.

"What do we need to do as a council to be able to get funding for our heritage buildings? Currently they aren’t designated as heritage buildings, and they need to be, in order to get the funding needed to restore them."

Councillor Linda Brown making the notice of motion at last Tuesday's regular meeting, and is of the belief a Heritage committee could help the situation.

"There isn't any one committee that can take this on. It's important that a committee be started to deal with the issue, even if they meet just once a year."

Brown says there are a lot of historical buildings in Merritt, most which are starting to need a lot of work.


Nicola Stock Breeders Association applauding new pilot project to find new ways of managing invasive plants in the Thompson-Nicola region.

By having all stakeholders working together, president John Anderson says they will be able to better coordinate treatments on Crown and private land, and better contain and eradicate spotted knapweed and other invasive plants.

"It's been a slow process the last couple years of trying to get more control of noxious and invasive plants on Crown land. So, this announcement goes a long way in trying to coordinate treatments on both range lands, and highway corridors. This pilot project could be a game changer for the entire region."

The $2.2 million project was announced Saturday in Merritt, and will also support research being undertaken by Thompson Rivers University for a centre of excellence on invasive plant management.

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