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The BC SPCA says it has removed thirty animals, all suffering neglect and "kept in a filthy environment" at a breeding operation in Lillooet.

16 dogs and four cats were recovered earlier this month, and another eight dogs and two cats were handed in over the weekend.

The BC SPCA's chief prevention and enforcement officer, Marcie Moriarty, says the owner of the breeding operation is known to them, but "... not to this extent."

"Unfortunately this extent was the fact that the situation had gone downhill, and these animals were not being taken care of."

Moriarty says the SPCA is recomending charges.

Merritt RCMP concerned after two incidents involving firearms this month.

Cst Tracy Dunsmore says the incident Saturday night involving two males where multiple shots were fired along Coldwater Ave, or the incident earlier this month where a male was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm at the Coldwater pub, has the detachment on alert.

"It's definitely a cause for concern. We have to look into the parties involved, and who they are associating with. And, if there are any issues that we need to be dealing with, what we can do to follow up as police, or get information from the public."

21-year-old Michael Drynock of Merritt, was involved in both incidents.

Dunsmore says he, along with 29-year-old Kloen Pop have now been charged with numerous offenses, including attempted murder, after allegedly firing on a crowd of people outside a house party on Coldwater Ave on Saturday night.

They both will make their first court appearance in Kamloops on Friday.

Merritt RCMP recommending attempted murder charges against two males accused of shooting at a group of people outside a house party on Coldwater Ave over the weekend.

Despite no injuries being reported, Cst Tracy Dunsmore says the seriousness of Saturday night's incident certainly warrants the charge.

"With the descriptions of the incident we got from witnesses, and the careless use of the firearms, the four victims definitely feared for their safety."

Well known already to police, 21-year-old Michael Drynock of Merritt, and 28-year-old Kleon Pop of Williams Lake remain in custody, and also face a number of other charges.

Both are scheduled to make there first appearance in court in Kamloops Friday.


The jobs of highways maintenance workers in Merritt and around the province are now guaranteed after reaching an agreement with the provincial government.

The BC Government Employers Union and private sector contractors who represent VSA Highway Maintenance, and 27 other companies around the province have reached a 15-year-agreement.

BCGEU secretary-treasurer Paul Finch says over 2000 workers now have job security.

"It basically means that the same agreement, same union certification stays in effect, and would transfer to whoever the successful applicant is. In this case, roughly the same people will continue with the companies, because they are all part of the same bargaining unit."

VSA Highway Maintenance employs almost 100 people in the Merritt-area.


Two arrested after shots fired at a Merritt house party.

Merritt RCMP Cst Tracy Dusnmore says they received a call at 8:45pm Saturday night after shots were fired at a group of people in the 2500 block of Coldwater Ave.

"One of our members was in the area at the time, and was able to locate the victims right away. They then pointed out the two suspects who were crossing the field at Diamond Vale School."

The two males were taken into custody without incident.

They were found with several rounds, firearms paraphernalia and several other weapons, and a search of the field located a 12-gauge shotgun and a SKS semi-automatic rifle nearby.

On further investigation, it was revealed the two had been in an altercation earlier in the evening at the party with a friend of the 4 victims.

"There was an incident involving another male earlier in the evening. That male left the party, and the four victims were walking by the house. The two suspects were out on the balcony. There was a verbal altercation back and forth, and then the suspects came out firing at the four guys."

Dunsmore says Merritt RCMP are satisfied that there is no concern for public safety at this time.

The two suspects, a 21-year-old Merritt male and a 29-year-old male from Williams Lake are both known to police and currently in custody.

The file is still under investigation.

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