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The Merritt Fire Rescue department extinguished a motor home fire early this morning.


Chief David Tomkinson says the fire on Parker drive is not suspicious, but at this point the cause is unknown.


"It's still under investigation, just like any motor vehicle you have electrical and what not, mechanical, and in this case there's also propane... so we'll be looking at the fire investigation starting on Monday."


Tomkinson says the owner of the motor home was able to move it away from the main house to prevent the fire from spreading. At this point no injuries are being reported.


Suspect believed to have committed multiple break-in's in Merritt arrested.

Merritt RCMP Cst Tracy Dunsmore says 41-year-old Nathan Corey Hamm of Abbotsford was taken into custody without incident Wednesday night, the same day images of him with break-in tools were released by officers looking to question him about break-ins at a home on Bann St, the laundry mat on Quilchena Ave, and a storage container on Douglas Ave.

He remains in custody facing three charges, after making his first court appearance in Kamloops yesterday.

"There's a no contact order with the female he was found with, and also two breaches for failing to comply with conditions relating to being in possesion of break-in tools."

Dunsmore says they have yet to tie the suspect to any of the break-ins earlier this week, but are still investigating and have several items they recovered that have yet to be identified.

"So, if people can check their sheds, their c-cans, or any other areas they store stuff, because we still need to identify a number of items we recovered."

Anyone with further information on any of the reported break-ins, or any others, is asked to contact Merritt RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Warming trend to keep water levels high in the Merritt area for at least another week.

BC River Forecast Centre director Dave Campbell confirms the snow pack is dwindling at mid-elevations, leading to decreasing flood risks in the Nicola River upstream from Merritt, but a flood risk still exists downstream.

"Despite the warm temperatures last week, inflow to Nicola Lake has been stable, but snowpack feeding the tributaries into the Coldwater and Nicola rivers down stream of Merritt are still flowing fairly quickly, and leading to high water."

With temperatures expected to eclipse 30 degrees daily through next week starting tomorrow, Campbell says it will continue to create high flow conditions in the southern parts of the province.

If enough funds are secured through its initial public offering, Kinder Morgan will proceed with the $7.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

The recent B-C election that resulted in a minority government has the anti-pipeline Green party holding the balance of power.

But, Kinder Morgan spokesman Dave Conover says it would take significant action for a new government to throw out an existing agreement that gives the province up to $1-billion in shared revenues.

"We're not expecting that. We're confident that we can address any concerns they have about constructability, or safety, or operational issues. I really think all those issues can be worked out by the framework that exists."

Kinder Morgan says it plans to begin construction this fall and complete the project by December 2019.

Over 600 jobs are being created by the project in the Merritt portion alone.

Uncle of the three children killed by murderer Allan Schoenborn says his family still struggles with their deaths.

Mike Clarke says life for his sister Darcy, the children's mother, has gotten more difficult in recent years as milestones that should have marked her kids' lives pass by.

"One of her daughters was supposed to graduate this year. So there's that, and a number of other milestones she has missed out on. And, I can see when she looks at my children and other people’s children it hurts her a lot, because she's missing out on the memories she can't make with her own."

Schoenborn, who was found not criminally responsible in the 2008 deaths of his daughter and two sons, had his annual BC review board hearing earlier this week.

He was said to be still suffering from anger management issues, and that it would be unlikely that he would be granted community day passes in the next year.

For Clarke, he says he hopes Schoenborn spends the rest of his life in custody.


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