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For the first time since last year's election, BC's Lieutenant-Governor is speaking publicly about her once in a lifetime experience.
Playing down the weight of the decision after the confidence vote, the Nicola Valley's Judith Guichon says it was just one day in five years of service.
And, a decision she was prepared to make, whether it happened or not. 
"From the public point of view, it was the toughest decision I had to make, but there were lots of other tough decisions I had to make, both personal, and those that affected the province. However, that was certainly the one that affected the province the most."
Guichon still won't say what experts she consulted on what to do in the event of a confidence vote.
Her final day as BC's Lieutenant-Governor is Monday.
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School District 58 working to increase number of T.O.C's ahead of 2018/19 school year.
Having had less than half the typical number of teachers on call this year, superintendent Stephen McNiven says steps are being taken this spring, to get their numbers up before September.
"We've done a lot of recruiting the last month or so, and plan to do more. We've been down to Simon Fraser University, and over at Thompson Rivers University, picking up as many new grads as we can coming out of those education programs for our current T.O.C list, and hope to maintain them through the summer and into September." 
The shortage of T.O.C's across the province this year was caused by the hiring of as many as 3,500 new full-time positions back in the fall to satisfy the Supreme Court of Canada decision that reinstated standards on class size and composition.
Typically, School District 58 has employed around 20 teachers on call but saw the number dip to as low as six this year.
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National Energy Board detailed route hearings to take place in Merritt despite Kinder Morgan suspending all non-essential activities and related spending for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.
56% of the route in Segment 5 has been approved, and Trans Mountain spokesperson Ali Hounsell says hearings remain scheduled at the Civic Centre on May 8th, for the six remaining landowners in the Merritt area yet to sign agreements.
"the route hearings are specifically looking at the method of construction, the timing, and where within the corridor determined. So, if people are thinking they would rather have it at another location, that's really not what they are about. It's about where it is on the designated corridor. So, it's a very specific discussion."
The six landowners yet to sign agreements include the Coldwater Indian Band, which has submitted plans for an alternate route, after raising concerns about the potential danger the proposed route posses to their only aquifer.
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voght - right lane.jpg
Delayed last year by costs, the City of Merritt is prioritizing the construction of right turn lanes on Voght St in 2018.
Once completed, CAO Shawn Boven believes it will make the intersection at Nicola Ave a lot safer.
"Right now, a lot of people are making righthand turns from as far back as the A&W, coming up the shoulder of Voght St."
Boven says the city had budgeted $112,000 for the turning lanes last year, but bids received were all above $150,000.
The project will go out for tender next week.
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Merritt's Adopt-A-Road program looking for an influx of volunteers this year.
Run through the City of Merritt's department of recreation and facilities, Coordinator Jaime Dunning-Etchart says the Adopt-A-Road program was established in August of 2000.
Currently, 14 groups committed to cleaning up a portion of a Merritt street 3 times this year, but there are still several areas needing attention.
"Anyone interested just needs to come see me at the Civic Centre. There is a little bit of paperwork to fill out, and then they will be signed up, and committed to clean the stretch of road they are assigned three times a year."
Equipment, vests and garbage bags are all provided through the Adopt a Road Program, at no cost to volunteers.
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