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Expect about 80% of the sun to be covered in the Nicola Valley this morning.
While it won't be to the degree of the 'Great American Total Solar eclipse', Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Science professor Colin Taylor says anyone outside looking up between 9:15am and 10:25am will see something special.
"You won't see a total eclipse, you would have to go down south as far as Oregan to see that. However, the skies will be darker for the two-hour period, and you will definitely be able to notice it in the Nicola Valley."
Though partial eclipses occur every year, total eclipses are rare and the U.S. hasn't seen once sweep across the width of its country since 1918.
Meanwhile, Taylor warns that looking directly at the eclipse without proper eyewear, can be damaging to your eyes.
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New Minister of Transportation promising past performance will be a factor in renewal talks for highway maintenance contracts.

With renewal talks set to begin next year, Clare Trevena admits she has heard a lot of concerns, especially in the southern interior.

"I hear endless stories about bad maintenance. Whether its roads not being plowed, brushing not done, whatever it is, I've heard complaints about contractors. So, I have asked the ministry to look at past performance, which will be taken into account."

Back in 2016, a group calling for improved winter highway maintenance in the Nicola Service area collected over 2.500 signatures demanding improvement from VSA Highway Maintenance.


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Wildfire west of Merritt still not extinguished.
Kamloops Fire Centre information officer Melanie Morin says the fire that sparked Wednesday near the Dot Ranch cut-off on the Nooaitch Indian Band reserve, is contained, and not expected to grow, but still yet to be extinguished.
"The Nooatich fire is still under control. It remains contained at 6.2 hectares. The fire remains in mop-up stage, and crews continue to monitor it."
The fire is suspected to be human caused and firefighters will be on scene again starting this morning extinguishing the remaining hot spots.
Meanwhile, Morin also confirms there were no fire starts in the Merritt Fire Zone over the weekend.
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Despite wildfires burning throughout the interior, the Nicola Valley Search and Rescue Association have had a slower than usual summer.
"It's been pretty quiet, that's for sure."
Manager Lynne Broekhuizen says they have been called out just three times, and all three times were asked to stand down before their services were needed.
"We've had a couple of very quick callouts. One was a child was reported missing, only to be found within the house a brief time later. But, it is better to be safe, than sorry."
With the relaxed schedule, Broekhuizen says it has allowed for increased training this summer.
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Richter Scale.png
Small earthquake recorded near Princeton over the weekend.
The shaking occurred in the Tulameen just before midnight on Friday, and was measured at 2.9ML (local magnitude) on the Richter scale.
There are no reports of damage.
Many in the Merritt area took to social media to report what was described mostly as a loud "bang."
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