We are always giving away cool prizes. Get in on the action!

Solve a Merritt Mystery!

CLUE 101 is back. You could win prizes from local businesses, or $101 cash!!

Every weekday, we’re hiding five TEN Q101 tokens at a different location around Merritt.

Listen for the hints on air. Solve the mystery and go find a token!

Take your token to the business of the day before 4 o’clock Mondays thru Fridays, and drop it into the CLUE 101 box.

After 4 o’clock, we’ll draw a prize winner from all the tokens found that day.

Then, we’ll reach into the Mystery Bag to find out what you’ve won: it could be a Prize from the business, or it could be $101 cash!!

CLUE 101 starts September 25th

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