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This afternoon at 1:55pm, there will be a test of the Emergency Alert System on Q101. In addition to the regular Radio and TV alerts, the system will be tested on cellular devices.

In order for emergency alerts to be received on a wireless device, three conditions must be met. The wireless device must be:

  1. An LTE-device like a smartphone (LTE is commonly referred to as “4G LTE”)
  2. Wireless public alerting (WPA)-compatible
  3. Connected to an LTE cellular network at the time the emergency alert is issued.

Follow the link to the Alert Ready website to check if your carrier and device are compatible:

Program Director / Morning Host

Weekdays 6a to Noon

Raised in Calgary and seasoned in Vancouver, Corey is fan of three C’s:
Croquet, Coffee, and the Cosmos. He was a founding member of the UBC Croquet Club, is Q101’s coffee connoisseur, and applied to be among the first Mars settlers. He’s a Do-It-Yourselfer with an eye for fonts. Corey saves every sports event/movie ticket stub (for no real reason), and enjoys being outdoors when away from the station (hardly ever). Catch him weekday mornings with Jamie on Q Up Your Day.

News Director

Weekdays 6 - 9a, Noon, 4 and 5p

BC born and bred, Jamie Ballam brings the news to the Nicola Valley, with sharp focus on Local. He reports the information you can't get anywhere else, day in and day out. And if it's not a discussion about golf, he doesn't have much time to chat.

Catch Jamie every weekday morning on Q Up Your Day. He has your local news first, from 6 to 9am, and provides one-liners for co-host Corey Fischer.
Jamie returns for the news at Noon, 4 and 5pm. Every other second of the day
you can find him at the golf course.

Music Director / Afternoon Host

Weekdays Noon - 6p

Jesse’s been interested with radio from a young age; acting as the DJ while in the parents’ car. He started in the industry as a commercial writer to reach his goal to be just like Dr. Seuss (which explains a lot).  In his spare time, Jesse consumes sports, enjoys listening to diverse types of music (more funk and hip-hop style), comedy, art, and trying new food – which he shouldn’t have shared with his co-workers! 

Jesse made his way West because he believes in the radio industry if you’re willing to move. He was born in Richmond Hill, a suburb of Toronto.